Shabbat candle lighting: 4:30pm

Virtual J: Youth K-5

Welcome to the Virtual J for Youth K-5!

Our  J Kids and J Camps teams are both hard at work creating virtual programming to help keep you and your family engaged and active during this challenging time. Stay tuned for more updates and please contact us with ideas or suggestions for what kinds of virtual content you and your family would most like to experience.

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Staying Fit

Balloon Workout with Rebecca
Calming Meditation for Children Led by Justin
Dance with Mary Part 1
Dance with Mary Part 2
Dance with Mary Part 3
Dance with Mary Part 4
Eye Hand Coordination with Coach Wendell
Jump Rope Basics + Jumping Workout with Rebecca
Surena Cohen's Family Workout
Blake Piesto's 20 Minute AMRAP Workout for Kids, Teens, and Adults
Kids Nighttime Meditation with Justin
10 Plagues of Egypt Family Friendly Workout with Rebecca

Player's Workout with Adam

Sing Alongs

Featured Video: Camp Songs with Jacob

Tutie-ta with Stacy
Shabbat with Brad - Featuring Songs with Jacob (March 27)
Camp Songs with Jacob
Wash Your Hands Song with Evy and Naava

Story Time

Celebrate Passover with J Camps Part 1: Pharaohs and Pyramids
Celebrate Passover with J Camps Part 2: Story + Project
Celebrate Passover with J Camps Part 3: Songs & Poems | Seder Enchancements, Songs & Poems Document

Karate Stories with Ms. Jen


Listening Activity with Steven
DIY Sensory Bin with Kate
Toilet Paper Activities with Jordan

Obstacle Course with Adam
Science DIY with Naava Ft. Nissim
String Bracelets with Evy Ft. Naava
Wizard’s Workshop with D's Magic
Habimah's Culinary Arts with Alison Kaplan
Passover Trivia with Shira
Matzah House Challenge with Shira

Cup Stacking Basics with Rebecca
Baking with Emily and Ryleigh: Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins
Sunday Crafts with Evy and Naava
DIY Science with Evy and Naava
Arts and Crafts with Evy and Naava

CSA Karate

CSA Karate with Ms. Jen
CSA Taekwondo with Master Dena
CSA Karate Class with Nadav

Karate Class with CSA Karate Camp Director Jen Lake


Join Tennis Instructor Adam Stein for Some Fun & Engaging Virtual Drills


Shabbat with Brad Kerxton (March 20)
Shabbat with Brad - Featuring Songs with Jacob (March 27)