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Where hanging out is much more than texting some friends on a Saturday night.

The J is where you want to be…and also who you want to be. With programs for all ages, from middle through high school, you can easily find your niche and roll with it. There’s no wrong way to be the right you.

Whatever you need, and wherever you are going, the J’s got your back. Are sports your thing? Then the JCC Maccabi Games are not to be missed. Love the arts and performing? Dive into JCC Maccabi ArtsFest. Want to be the next Student Body President? Join in on our leadership development and engagement initiatives.

Be a counselor…a babysitter…a dancer… an entrepreneur. The J will help you live up to your values and potential, and encourage you to discover new dreams along the way.

A teen program is meaningful when the teen leaves learning new skills and making new friends. The J provides a safe and unique environment that allows teens to have a say in the programs that they participate in.

-Bradley Kerxton, Middle School Director & TNT Camp Director

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Become a Lifeguard

Take charge, and sign up for certification training in Lifeguarding, First Aid,or CPR/AED and see your opportunities for a summer job multiply tenfold.