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Meet Community Connectors

Our volunteer Community Connectors will help connect you to all of the different Young Adult opportunities available in downtown! Get to know a Network Connector over coffee, tell them about your interests, and let them help you find what you're looking for.

Jake Max, Program Director, Charm City Tribe
After graduating with a business degree from Emory University, Jake Max served as a Food Justice Fellow for the nonprofit Repair the World in Brooklyn, NY, where he became involved in community organizing and worked for a network of food kitchens and pantries serving vulnerable populations.  In New York, Jake became passionate about community organizing.   While many business students are led in the direction of working for banks and consultancies, Jake felt it was important for him to return to his native Baltimore and play an active, social entrepreneurial role in community affairs. “Brilliant kids, the smartest of kids go the business route. But, if we’re not going to change the state of the world the way it is, with so many problems facing us, then who is?”

Jenny Green
My name is Jenny Green, I’m 31 years old, and am a 5th generation Baltimore Native. I own a home in Butcher's Hill. I believe I will be a good CCT connector because I'm friendly and interested in giving back. The Jewish community opened their arms and hearts to me when I moved to the city, so I feel I should do the same. Other interests I have are cycling, urban gardening, rock climbing, oil painting, teaching/volunteering in the city, cooking vegetarian, animal fostering and attending free city events.

Jessica Krasnick
Hi there! My name is Jessica Krasnick, but I usually go by Jess or Kraz. I am 31 and I was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin - a true badger at heart. I made my way to Baltimore in 2007 and have been living in Hampden for the last 6 years with my husband and wonderful dog, Penny Lane.  We are expecting our first child in March 2016!  I am an avid traveler, having been to all continents (except Antarctica), and over 50 countries! I also love music and can usually be found at the local music venues, travelling to see my favorite bands play all over the country, and also at my husband's music festival: Charm City Folk & Bluegrass Festival in Druid Hill Park every April!  One reason I want to be a Charm City Tribe Connector is because I think there is a huge untapped group of Jewish young adults in Baltimore who are willing and ready to participate in Jewish life in Baltimore in fun, engaging ways that are appealing to our age demographic - one thing that's lacking is someone to help connect them or be a friendly face at events, so that's what I hope to accomplish!

David BenMoshe
My name is David BenMoshe. I am 28 years old. I grew up outside of Frederick MD, and currently live in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore. I am a personal trainer and a yoga instructor. Obviously, I spend lots of time in the gym, and I love to exercise. I also love being outside and doing anything active. I enjoy reading, going out to bars, and hanging out with friends. I want to be a CCT Connector because Judaism is very important to me. One of the greatest things about Judaism is the community, and being part of it. It is an honor to meet new Jews, to welcome them to the area, and to help them get settled and comfortable, so our community can continue to grow!

Sarah Elkins
I am a live music and local beer enthusiast. By day, I practice criminal defense for the Maryland Office of the Public Defender.  By night, I can be found out to eat at a local restaurant or grooving to live music at the 8x10. I live in the Hamden/Medfield area and love to ride my bike and walk around the neighborhood. As a transplant from Michigan, I know how important a friendly face is in a new city and am looking forward to meeting new people, showing them around the city, and welcoming them to the Baltimore's Jewish community.

Joe Levin-Manning
Joe attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Political Science with a minor in Music. A New Englander by birth, Joe lived in Connecticut, North Carolina, and Florida before settling in Baltimore in 2013 to work as UMBC Hillel's Director of Engagement. Professionally, Joe started his career working for Jewish non-profits on leadership development and experiential education work. Joe currently works as the Graduate Coordinator for the LGBTQ Program at UMBC and his working on his MBA at the University of Maryland's Smith School of Business. In his free time Joe is extremely passionate about performing (singing and competitive dancing), cooking, science fiction (television and novels), and traveling (13 countries and counting!). Feel free to reach out if you want to talk with Joe about anything LGBTQ-related or to talk about music, food, and travel. 

Noah Mitchel
Noah was raised in Montgomery County, MD, and worked for performing arts organizations in the DC area prior to moving to Baltimore in 2015 (the best decision he ever made). He became involved with Baltimore’s Jewish community when he decided to begin working for Jewish non-profits (also a great decision). Through his work, Noah found out about Charm City Tribe’s Schmooze and Brews events, where he learned all about other opportunities to get involved in the community. In his free time, Noah volunteers with Pearlstone Center (his happy place), Repair the World, and the Jewish Plays Project. He would love to talk your ear off about Baltimore, non-profit life, music, comedy, animals, religion, social and environmental justice, and politics (or anything else, for that matter).

Marcie Orenstein
My name is Marcie, and I moved to Baltimore three years ago after having lived in various states throughout the US and a few islands abroad. I currently work as an Education Specialist at the National Aquarium, which gives me the opportunity to combine my interests in marine science and education by designing and implementing school programs for students of all ages. I am grateful to be living in a city with such a vibrant Jewish community that has been so welcoming to me. I hope to make the transition to this city easier for Jewish young adults by connecting them to opportunities available to them in Baltimore. Personally, I know what it is like to have to start anew in an unfamiliar place, and I would like to be a friendly face for new members of our community. When I am not working, I enjoy SCUBA diving, hiking, metalsmithing, art projects, and traveling.

Jordan Mandel
Originally from Arlington Virginia, I have lived in Baltimore for five years. Through four years of Hopkins undergrad and one year of adulting, I have gotten to know the more charming aspects of Baltimore, and I enjoy helping new Baltimoreans learn about them. One of my favorite aspects of the city is also the friendly and welcoming Jewish community. In my free time I like playing the bass, making vegetarian food, learning languages, and hearing live music.

Meet a Community Connector
Questions? Contact Jake Max | 443.955.8365 |​​

Interested in becoming a connector?

Why Community Connectors?
We care deeply about building relationships and that starts with creating connections. Our networked community fosters relationships that we hope you’ll take with you beyond our holiday celebrations, Shabbat dinners and ongoing events. Community Connectors help greet newcomers and introduce them to other Charm City Tribe participants based on their shared interests and host gatherings for the people they’ve connected with. They are also a friendly face to help people figure out what they might want to connect with given so many things happening for folks around town.

What is a Community Connector?
Community Connectors meet and greet folks who are new to the Jewish young adult scene in downtown Baltimore. We want to know a little bit about who you are, how you got to Baltimore and what you are looking for in connecting to the Jewish community or just to meet other people to find community. Beginning conversations are informal in nature, but result in a community cultivated by its members. Connectors have a good pulse on adult opportunities available in the greater Baltimore Jewish community and share how to tap in to what’s going on. They also become a point person to be a friendly face so that newcomers know they have someone to reach out to if they come up with questions or looking to know more about how to connect.

What is the commitment?

  • Connectors sign up for a one year commitment, although we hope you decide to stay longer!
  • We will train you on how to represent Charm City Tribe: focus on being welcoming and
  • engaging, create community, and how to represent all the best that Jewish Baltimore has to offer
  • Meet one-on-one with individuals seeking connection to Jewish life in Baltimore. On average 2-4 people a month. A cup of coffee, a meal, happy hour, etc. (While this is a volunteer experience, costs for meet and greets and programing will be covered by Charm City Tribe.)
  • Follow up with folks you’ve met with to connect them to other people or events and organizations that match their interests. Occasionally show up at CCT gatherings, like happy hour, Shabbat dinner, etc.
  • Host 2 gatherings that bring together people in your network around a shared interest with some Jewish flavor.
  • The most important commitment a Connector has to make is to be a warm, engaging, and kind individual.

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Meet a Community Connector