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Infants & Youth

Infants & Youth

The littlest minds can produce the biggest ideas.

Every child wants to explore. To play. To learn. At the J, we recognize a child’s desire to turn over every stone, but also realize that every child is special and dances to his or her own beat.

The J lays out an exceptional learning path for the little ones in your family. With options for all ages, including Infant Care, Baby and Toddler classes, Preschool, Kindergarten, After School and Vacation Day programs, the J kids not only develop a sense of self-worth and benefit from an immersion in Jewish cultures, but they also learn the joy in simple life experiences such as healthy eating, nature, and making new friends.

With inviting classroom facilities, superior instructors, and programs covering everything from Music and Art to Yoga and Swimming the J’s Infants & Youth opportunities allow children to be exposed to group, one-on-one, and child-directed play and exploration.

Parents and their children meet in our classes and become friends for life, sharing the joys and oys of parenting along the way.

- Sharon Siegel, Senior Program Director