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Strength Training

Strength/Resistance Training uses resistance to induce muscular contraction. If done regularly it can help to increase bone density, and improve muscle, tendon and ligament strength and toughness. It can also:

  • Improve joint function and reduce the potential for injury.
  • Reduce body fat, burn calories and increase lean muscle mass
  • Boost your stamina. As you get stronger, you won't fatigue as easily
  • Sharpen your focus. Some research suggests that regular strength training helps improve attention for older adults

We offer the following Strength Training classes:

JBARRE This workout creates a lean, firm, sculpted body using the body-elongating practice of dance conditioning, and the intense pace of interval training.
SMRT Core Self Myofascial Release Techniques using The GRID Foam Roller. Unlock your muscles and you will move better with less pain!
Forever Strong A combination of strength development, balance work, and movement. This class is for beginners and older adults. 
Circuit For beginners that want to use the equipment in the Fitness Center. This class is for beginners and older adults.
BODYPUMP™ The original barbell class that challenges all your major muscle groups. Great music, awesome instructors, and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results your came for – and fast!
SHOCKWAVE Come try the most efficient 45-minute workout! SHOCKWAVE uses a specially designed rowing machine to provide short-burst, high-intensity cardiovascular intervals along with functional strength stations. Participants find themselves working harder than they ever imagined because of the camaraderie, friendly team competition and instructor motivation. The class encourages member interaction, socialization, camaraderie, and friendly competition and helps burn maximum calories in a minimum amount of time! Mondays and Thursday at 6:30pm in the Personal Training Studio at Rosenbloom Owings Mills. Members: FREE, Guests: 5 classes for $75
BE-lieve in BE-ing as STRONG One of the biggest myths women hear constantly is 'Lifting weights will make me bulky'. Let personal trainer and amateur fitness model Sivan work with you and teach you proper fitness principles and how to effectively and efficiently train with weights. 'BE twice as STRONG!'. Park Heights. 4 weeks. Female only. Ages 16+ Registration Required. Stay tuned for more classes.
Strength, Stability, and Flexibility Fitness programming designed for the older adult. Focus on strength training for bone strength, stability and flexibility. Upon completion you will have a workout to follow on your own or continue to meet with your group! 5 weeks plus an individual consultation included in the price. Park Heights. Ages 60+ Register required. Stay tuned for more classes.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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