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Allergy & Dietary Restrictions

We are actively planning for summer in 2022! Stay tuned for more information.

For information, contact: | 410.559.2391

Camper safety is our number one priority at J Camps. If your camper has allergies or food restrictions that we cannot meet, we will contact you for assistance in providing an alternative. 

In addition, all camps follow a strict NO SHARING policy as there are many foods to which campers are allergic or sensitive to.

Nut-Free & Meat-Free Programs
Noah’s Ark (Owings Mills)
Camp Ami (Park Heights)
J Day Jr

Our Early Childhood Centers provide a NUT FREE AND MEAT FREE environment. All food must be Nut-Free and Dairy.

Nut-Aware Programs
J Day
Habimah Arts Camp
Maccabi Sports Camp
Tennis Camp
CSA Karate Camp
Camp Koolanu
J Camps Plus

These camps provide a NUT AWARE environment. Put simply, we do not provide any foods that contain nuts or nut products and strongly encourage families to refrain from sending foods with nut products to camp. 

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