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Meyerhoff Early Learning Center

Infant/Toddler Care, Ages 3-24 Months

Observing and Encouraging Your Child

At the Meyerhoff Early Learning Center (ELC), your child will be lovingly tended to by MSDE licensed teachers specifically trained in the group care of infants and toddlers. The JCC’s state-of-the art, self-contained facility features individual cribs, changing tables, rocking chairs, and developmentally appropriate toys.

Our teachers help facilitate your child's development by continually observing, documenting and encouraging your child. Our goal is to provide the same care at school that a child receives at home, and we work very closely with parents to maintain and meet individual schedules and needs.


Our infants are in a classroom designed specifically for gross motor and sensory exploration. With plenty of open space and developmentally appropriate toys, these toddlers begin to organize and command their environment.  At the Meyerhoff ELC, we focus on each child's needs. We work with the children individually and tailor the day to help them grow. We work on rolling over, crawling and pulling up, and we also work with them on eating independently.

As your baby becomes mobile, they are moved to a room with more opportunities for further exploration and developmental growth.  We encourage children to explore their environment, both indoors and outdoors, in areas that are designed specifically to meet their needs.  Our program focuses on the whole child and we closely partner with parents to ensure we are meeting the physical, cognitive, and social/emotional needs of each child. 


Toddlers have the opportunity to explore preschool activities including gym, music, water play, cooking and art while in a highly supportive and supervised setting. We help toddlers gain control over their environment by encouraging independence.  Our teachers work closely with each child to help them understand the world around them through the use of sensory experiences, literacy, dramatic play, and so much more.

High quality early childhood education lays a foundation for intellectual, language, physical, social and emotional development and is essential for later academic and social success. Here your child can fulfill their full potential in a secure and loving environment. One of the foremost teachers of our tradition, Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, wrote on the subject of education: “The home can do little without the school, but the school can do nothing without the home. Alas if they do not go hand and hand." We know that children thrive when there is a close partnership between the home and the school.

Toddlers have the opportunity to explore preschool activities including gym, music, water play, cooking and art. We help toddlers gain control over their environment by encouraging independence.

Preschool (9:00am-3:30pm) and Preschool Plus (7:00am-6:00pm)

Children begin their school years in a warm, nurturing environment led by experienced, Maryland certified early childhood educators.

At the Meyerhoff ELC, we provide a well-rounded program designed to build a child's self-confidence, encourage friendships, and explore new concepts.

We create an environment for children to explore their understandings of how the world works. We observe, listen, and document the children's ideas. It is through their ideas where they gain a positive sense of self-image and self-confidence because their ideas are being valued. We encourage them to talk about their ideas with the other children and collect new ideas about things. It is through these constant exploration of ideas, questioning, and reconstructing of new ideas, that the learning takes place. We are there to help our students through their learning process to construct their own meaning of the world.

Daily Activities

American Red Cross Certified Swim (ages 3+) | Creative play | Physical Movement | Music | Art | Hebrew | Science | Healthy Choices | Swimming | Story time | Cooking

Facility Features

Outdoor Playground | Child-size bathrooms | Multi Purpose Studio | Teaching kitchen | J Town | Gym | Pool | Auditorium | Library

Healthy Choices Curriculum

If your family promotes healthy eating at home, then you’ll appreciate the Meyerhoff ELC’s Healthy Choices Curriculum.  In house nutritionists work directly with children in our classrooms to introduce them to new, healthy foods. Kale, Quinoa, Kiwi - we might try one these for lunch today. Our emphasis is on “try,” as developing an awareness of nutritional, healthy eating often comes in small steps.

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Preschool Plus: Full Day Program
Preschool (Early Drop Off & Late Stay Options)

Meyerhoff ELC Director

Ellie Batkhan is delighted to be the Site Director for the Meyerhoff Early Learning Center at the Park Heights JCC. Ellie was formerly the Program Director at the Downtown Baltimore JCC. During her time at the DBJCC, Ellie trained and supervised staff, created opportunities for community engagement, executed outreach strategies, developed parent leadership opportunities, ensured the quality of class content, and coordinated on- and off-site Jewish-themed family programming. 

Ellie earned her Master’s in Education from Goucher College with a specialization in At-risk and Diverse Learners, as a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Community Based Learning. In her role as a graduate assistant, she oversaw the children’s programming at the Futuro Latino Learning Center. While earning her Masters and working as a Graduate Assistant, Ellie began her career at the JCC working with Charm City Tribe. When Ellie is not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband, especially out in nature, hosting friends and family in their Mt. Washington home, and frequenting farmer’s and flea markets around Baltimore City.

Program Hours


Ages 3-24 months
Monday-Friday | 7:00am-6:00pm
(Friday closings hours vary by Shabbat times)


Early Drop Off and Late Stay available at both locations.

Age 2 (includes January 2’s option)
2, 3, or 5 day options: 9:00am-3:30pm

Age 3
3, 4, or 5 day options: 9:00am-3:30pm

Age 4
4 or 5 day options: 9:00am-3:30pm

Camp Ami

Meyerhoff ELC | Weinberg Park Heights JCC
Ages 2-5

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