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All food provided by J Camps is Kosher, nut-free, and dairy. In addition, we strive to meet the allergy and food restrictions of each camper.  If your family practice involves keeping the Jewish dietary laws, please note that some of the food that we serve may contain dairy.

Please note: Our Early Childhood Centers are both NUT FREE AND MEAT FREE. In addition, all camps follow a strict NO SHARING policy as there are many foods to which campers are allergic or sensitive to.

If your camper is in a program that runs full day, they are required to bring their own lunch and a snack.  All lunches are refrigerated shortly after arrival.  Snacks are NOT refrigerated and should be labeled and packed separate from lunch.

With the exception of TNTs and CITs, we ask that you DO NOT send money with your child to camp, as there will NOT be an opportunity to visit the café during camp hours. If your child comes to lunch with money to buy food from the café, the camp staff will prepare a substitute lunch for the day.


Allergy & Dietary Restrictions
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Camper safety is our number one priority at J Camps. If your camper has allergies or food restrictions that we cannot meet, we will contact you for assistance in providing an alternative. In addition, all camps follow a strict NO SHARING policy as there are many foods to which campers are allergic or sensitive to.

Hot Lunch Program
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Families may pre-order lunches, which will be delivered to your camper during their lunch time.

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