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Aquatics & Certifications

Aquatics & Certifications

Dive on in…the water is calm and the guards are at the ready.

Can you swim like a fish? Or do you prefer to gently dog paddle? No matter…the J’s aquatics facilities offer a full range of options in all things water. Bring yourself, bring the kids, or bring the family.

The JCC has indoor year-round pools for classes and exercise, and an outdoor facility for summertime recreation and fun. Our swim lessons are designed for all – from the advanced aqua-venturer who is looking for a personal challenge, to the tiniest water tot who is dipping his or her toes for the first time.

If self-knowledge is your goal, the J’s aquatics certification courses have you covered as well. You can be a lifeguard, a rescuer, or a pool operator…your aspirations are our aspirations, and we want to help you achieve them!

Here at the J, we aim to provide swimmers at all levels high-quality training and education in the safe use of water and water-related equipment for fun and exercise.

-Bill Kirkner, Aquatics Director



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